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High impact video Digital content has become ubiquitous these days. With increased Internet availability through smartphones, getting news and watching TV online has become easier. Since more people are using the internet to gain information, there’s been an increase in digital content to accommodate the demand. VISIT SITE Product Video INDUSTRY LAT | Creative Company […]

Corporate Design Is a part of corporate branding, alongside corporate identity and corporate communications. It comprises the visual and linguistic staging of the brand and serves to make the identity and values of a company visible. Good corporate design is characterized by authenticity, flexibility and recognizability. Visit site SERVICE Web/ Video/Design INDUSTRY Construction/Environment YEAR September […]

Handmade pieces Introduction The Project European launch campaign for the Oppo Reno4 Series TV spot exclusively shot on Oppo Reno4 mobiles, directed by Simon Duhamel. Visit site Service Photography Industry Simon Duhamel Year November 13th 2020 Credits Agency : Hungry and Foolish Creative Director : Olivier Lucas Bancal Head of Creation : Emmanuel François-Eugene Design […]

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